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Best Range of Shower Heads in Perth, WA 

Shower heads, arms, and rails are an absolute necessity in a modern bathroom. So if you're looking to buy shower heads in Perth, as well as shower arms and rails, you've come to the right place. Bathroom Warehouse is the leading retailer of the best shower heads in Perth and the rest of Western Australia. We have a wide selection shower heads, arms, and rails available online and in store. Browse through our wide array of bathroom essentials, and discover everything you need to transform a simple shower into your new haven.


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The Many Types of Shower Heads

Over the years, shower heads have become more than just a simple fixture used for basic hygiene—its design has become a wonder in engineering and in art. Designers have come up with many different types of shower heads that homeowners and commercial property owners can choose from to deck out their bathrooms. These include: 

Wall Mounted Shower Heads 

Easy to use, simple, and available in different designs, wall mounted shower heads are some of the most common types of shower heads whether in residential or commercial settings. Wall mounted shower heads are generally cheaper than most, and are perfect for small to medium-sized bathrooms.  

Body Spray or Shower Panels 

These unconventional and modern "shower heads" are made up of multiple spouts placed together in one panel. These are installed on the wall parallel to the body. If you are willing to splurge to have a more luxurious bathing experience, then the body spray or shower panels is definitely for you.  

Hand-Held Shower Heads 

Apart from wall mounted models, the hand-held shower heads are perhaps some of the most popular ones in the market today. A hand-held shower head is attached to a hose, and can be adjusted and positioned directly on hard to reach parts of the body. This type of shower head is ideal for both tall and small people. It is also great for bathing pets. 

Rainfall or Rain Shower Heads 

With this kind of shower head, all you need to do is to stand under it and let the gentle flow of water wash over you. Unlike other shower heads, the rainfall or rain shower head is larger than usual and covers more area so you don't have to move around to ensure that the water hits hard to reach places. 

Ceiling Mounted Shower Heads 

Almost like a rainfall or rain shower head—except that this type of shower head is mounted in the ceiling. More expensive than most, the ceiling mounted shower heads require custom-built plumbing. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Shower Head 

Since you're already familiar with the types of shower heads is available for residential or commercial property owners, here are some additional factors to consider when choosing the right shower head.

The Persons Who Will Use It 

Wall mounted shower heads are versatile and cheap. Meanwhile, luxurious ceiling mounted ones or body spray ones are impressive and elegant. These shower heads, however, are not the best option for families with small children and pets. In this case, the handheld showerhead is a good option for families with small kids or pets.  

Consider Your Budget 

The web is a great place to look if you're searching for the best shower heads in Perth. You get to compare the design, type, and the price of the models before you make a purchase online. If you have the money and you want to splurge, then go buy the best and most expensive model you can find, such as the ceiling mounted, rainfall, or body spray shower heads. But if you're looking for cheap shower heads, it is best to choose something simpler but durable and reasonably priced.  

Ease of Installation 

If you want a simple and easy to install shower head, then the wall mounted or hand-held shower heads are the perfect choice for your bathroom. If you're willing to spend more money and don't mind additional plumbing work, then maybe the more complicated body spray or a ceiling mounted shower heads will be a great choice.

Ensure That it Will be Appropriate for Your Bathroom Size 

There's nothing more awful than buying an expensive shower head only to find out that it is not the right fit for your bathroom. Before buying a shower head, consider the size of your bathroom. If you live in a compact apartment and have a small or mid-sized bathroom, a wall mounted, hand-held, or rain shower head will do. But if your bathroom is larger than most, then choose from the ceiling mounted or body spray shower heads.  

Shower Rails and Arms 

Browse through the site if you are also looking for durable and elegant shower rails and arms. We carry a wide selection of shower rails and arms at affordable prices. 

Find Your Bathroom Essentials in Perth's Bathroom Warehouse 

You've come to the right place if you're looking for the best shower heads in Perth, WA. Whether you're looking for cheap shower heads that you can install on your own or you want a luxurious rain shower head or even elegant black shower heads, Bathroom Warehouse has something for you. Take a look at our extensive collection of shower heads online or visit us at our store to see our merchandise up close and personal. If you have more questions about our shower heads or any of our bathroom products, simply contact Bathroom Warehouse at 08 9244 3975 or send us an email at sales@bathroomwarehouse.net.au.